What is SiteChat ?
SiteChat was invented so that you can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any site on the internet even if the site you are visiting does not offer chat.
How do you do that?
SiteChat is a chat box that appears in a separate browser window. If you use our browser plugin (available currently for chrome) just click on the plugin and a SiteChat box for that specific site will open. When you visit another website site just click the plugin icon again and magically your chat is populated with users using sitechat on the new site.
Where to start ?
Go to sitechat, and download the plugin. Its quick and easy and works as I stated above. If you don’t have chrome, you can use our web version on SiteChat.com. Just enter the URL and click “go” (or “enter” on your keyboard) and the SiteChat box will open .
What’s the main difference between the plugin and the web version?
The plugin version allows you to use your current browser as you normally do. For the web version, you will need to navigate to any website by entering the URL of that site in our SiteChat box as opposed to in your browser bar. Either way, it will get you to the same place. BTW You can also navigate to trending sites or additional sites that we may recommend from our Trending area.
I met someone I’d like to chat with tomorrow. Is that possible?
Sure, you need to send them a friend request. If they accept, you can talk to them anytime they are using SiteChat, no matter what page they are on. TIP: To send a friend request you must register. You can also send friend requests to your current real life friends through email.
Besides meeting new people, what else can I do on SiteChat?
If you want, you can use Sitechat as a skype alternative.
  • Chat,.. we have it
  • Send file… sure
  • Vidoechat… of course
  • Private rooms… YES...
Video Chat ?
You can video chat with other users. Just click the little camera icon next to their name. Both users have to be logged in to use video chat. The other party will have to accept your video chat invitation. You can video chat with 1 person at a time. To chat with another user, you must end the first chat. Clicking away from the video chat will also end the video chat.
Private chat?
On any site, you can have private chats with other users on the same website. Just click on the person icon next to the users name. A privacy icon will open in the “enter chat field”. After you type and hit enter, your chat will appear in the SiteChat and it will say private. To respond to a private chat, click on the persons name. A privacy icon will open in the “enter chat field” for that user. Then after they type and hit enter, their chat will appear in the SiteChat and it will also say private. IF YOU DO NOT see they word private next to your text in a particular site chat, then that particular text can be see in anyone in that SiteChat. Please note: friend conversations that are in the friends tab are private and will not need to show the word private.
See where other users are at. Visit that websites SiteChat by clicking on the URL.
“WTF???” “ I don’t understand” or “its not working”:
We set up this FAQ to answer the many of the questions that you may have. If your question is not here or something is not working right, we would love to hear any questions or issues so we can make this work for you. We are in Beta and appreciate your input. Again, if something doesn’t seem to work send us an email

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Where to start ?

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