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Demo site chat

Where to start ?

FOR ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE, Download chrome or firefox plugin !

Download for
Download for

Chat Anywhere...even on sites that don’t offer chat

Webcam video chat - Chat with other people who visit the same site


No need to download

With siteChat, no downloading needed: Directly inside browser or as plugin

Video and audio

Great video and audio quality through peer2peer connection. Little latency.

Social chat

With chat site, socialize by themes: contact professional and people who visit the same website as you.

File transfer

Tranférez et envoyez des fichiers de taille importante à vos amis ou contact avec une connexion peer2peer.


Voici quelques unes des caractéristiques de sitechat

Webcam chat

Video chat incredible image quality.

Offline messages

Online and offline messaging

Contact list

Contact management and friends

Real time chat

Chat live with netizens

File transfer

Transfer your files, even large


Chat with emoticons

Socialize and meet people

Chat for those who visit the same websites you

Hottest tpoics

Chat on the most commented sites.

Send screenshots

Send a screenshot with 1 click

And much more..

So many things included and intuitively accessible


What users think of sitechat ...

“Sitechat, finally a credible alternative to Skype”

- Leon Bensonoff.

“SiteChat ischattez_sur_les_sites_les_plus_commentes fast and intuitive.”

- Larry Fisher

“Cool to make new contacts :)”

- Yarek Chmielewski

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Any questions ? Contact sitechat.com

24 rue de la Cité, 59800 Lille

+33 20 31 92 29